Wow! This website started simply as a class project for my computer science class. I was learning html and css and had to design and code every little detail on a website. Being familiar with garden railroading, I created my initial site. It worked and I earned an “A” in my class. I must thank Professor Sheley Little for her practice sessions and guidance on “coding, coding, coding”.

After the semester, I asked Ben Shell, a fellow SVGRS club member, webmaster, techie, etc., for feedback regarding coding and content. He provided some great feedback on the coding and shared technical clarity on my content. Mike Epstein, another club member also helped me clarify some content.

Not being satisfied with an overly complex coding process after my class, I enrolled in a graphics communication course. Professor Heather Hogan taught us how to use WordPress to quickly develop websites! Yes, another requirement was to create functioning websites. Actually, two, one for our mid-term project and one for our final project. I developed the first one for one of my local clubs. It’s getting a pretty good workout. My Enjoy Garden Railroading website, along with others, received critical in-class reviews. The feedback was positive and my classmates encouraged me to deploy it on a permanent basis. I incorporated most of Professor Hogan’s technical guidance. I say this because if something doesn’t work well, it’s probably because I overlooked something.

And finally, Marc Horovitz, Garden Railways Magazine Editor, was kind enough to look at my preliminary site and offer technical recommendations. Again, if something doesn’t sound right, it’s probably because I overlooked something.

On the hobby side, I have been a member of the Sacramento Valley Garden Railway Society (SVGRS) since March 2012. I learned about the hobby from just about everyone in the club. However, I would like to point out three individuals who have been instrumental in getting me up to speed.

Ralph Merrill invited me to join the club and become a docent at the railroad museum. He has also attempted to teach me electronics. As an electronics craftsman, he has converted my locomotives to battery power, added sound systems, and incorporated AirWire to run things. Bob Dean was the designer and superintendent for creating my layout. He taught me a lot about building my garden railroad. When you look at the site, you will also see the great bridges he has built for me. Dick Friedman, our club president, has shared a lot of his skills, and patiently taught me how to install Kadee couplers. This has lessened the need for duct tape, rubber bands, and twist ties.

What’s a website developer without an “in-house” feedback mechanism and editor? Stymied, confused, etc.! My wife Sue provided the prompt feedback and edits at almost all hours of the day/night. After midnight feedback was frequent during part of the semesters.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has helped me with my layout and in gaining the knowledge to launch this website.

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