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I have always enjoyed the majesty and peacefulness that railroads project. Locomotives/trains are large and noisy workhorses. They convey different images as they wind through a forest, desert, metropolitan area, etc. My dad worked as a machinist with the Missouri Pacific Railroad. He worked throughout South Texas and retired after working many years out of Houston, Texas.

It wasn’t until I retired that I finally joined a garden railroad club and incorporated the hobby into my back yard. To me it’s fun, entertaining, educational, and another reason to stay home and enjoy our home. I knew nothing about garden railroading and learned a lot from the club members who helped me set up a functional railroad in record time. A “Regional Meet” and a couple of national conventions have helped accelerate my knowledge base.

Jim Garcia



For more information or resources for starting your garden railroad just drop me a note. Getting started is easier than you may think.