For some people, gardening is probably the most important part of the hobby. To others it is simply a way to gain family support for their hobby that may end up consuming most of the back yard.

Make sure that you’re well aware that track maintenance is critical, especially if you’re relying on track power. Weeds and plants like to intrude on ground-level tracks. Make sure you have room to perform track maintenance periodically without destroying your beautiful garden. Also, fruit trees have the tendency to drop their fruit on track and other structures. They will either smear your track and structures or break them. Falling leaves often overwhelm a railroad hobbyist. After evaluating all of these possibilities, you may want to consider elevating the track and relying on a battery powered railroad to make things a little easier.

There are quite a few resources that guide you through your first railroad and help out with geographically compatible plants. Check this one  out at your convenience.